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Guinea Pigs Gender - Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

Finding if a guinea pig is a female or a male (also called sexing the guinea pigs) is quite easy and it can be done regardless of the age of the guinea pig. You need to carefully pick up the guinea pig and peruse its genital area. If you notice a puckered seeing spot just above the genital area, it's a good possibility that you're keeping a male, but you need to be positive.

Next, press moderately just above the genital area. If the guinea pig is a male, his penis should come out. If the guinea pig is young, you can also peruse the area colse to the animal's rectum. A donut-shape also signifies a male because this is where the guinea pig's testicles are located.

Guinea Pigs Sounds

While sexing a guinea pig may not sound pleasant and may sound like a downright invasion of the animal's privacy, you should always check instead of relying on the guidance of a pet shop worker. Many, many families have been told by the sweet and cordial young people selling these creatures at the local pet store that their new guinea pigs are the same sex only to find out two months later that they've just been blessed with grand pigs (or great grand pigs, depending on who takes care of the animals).

Guinea Pigs Gender - Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

If you don't feel comfortable with the process, do yourself and your house a favor and either don't buy a guinea pig from a pet store or only buy one guinea pig. If you go to a reputable and experienced guinea pig breeder, he or she will be able to tell you with reliance what gender your new guinea pig is.

Ok, now as promised, there are a few differences between male and female guinea pigs that may prompt you to choose one gender over another, although for the most part the positives and negatives basically equilibrium out.

Male guinea pigs are usually somewhat larger than the females, but the discrepancy is not overwhelming. More importantly, the males tend to be much more active than the females, and it may take them longer to calm down with children.

Female guinea pigs, on the other hand, are usually much calmer than the males and are sometimes easier for children to handle. However, if you purchase a female from a pet store or an unreliable breeder, you may end up bringing home more than you bargained for since she could already be pregnant. Whole though, both male and female guinea pigs make exquisite additions to roughly any family.

Guinea Pigs Gender - Is It A Boy Or A Girl?guinea pig breathing problem HELP please? Tube. Duration : 0.83 Mins.

Help - please!!! "Midnight" The Midday Snoring Guinea pig breathing problem! Any ideas anyone? After inspection by three vets, an Xray, antibiotics, and various potions and remedies (some alternative) and a much lighter wallet.... Nobody seems to know what the problem is. Midnight the worlds most spoilt GP is eating ok, and seems far less upset by her snoring than my daughter is. Much like me and my wife. Theories include some straw up its nose, a cold, nasel polyps, liquid in lungs, ... X-ray shows nothing. ANY IDEAS anyone? :(

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